logoWhen the warmest of welcomes adds the finest of tastes

As afternoon slides slowly into evening, and then falls gently into night, the moment arrives when you can escape from that busy workplace or the hectic demands of family life. It’s time for you to kick back, catch up, and relax in a place created purely to allow you to retreat from the pressures and stresses of the everyday. Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar is the perfect escape.

When you walk into Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar you leave the outside world behind

Join us and celebrate some ‘me’ or ‘us’ time in a relaxed, secluded wine and tapas bar atmosphere where the ambiance and the company is both as cool and warm as the tastes you can enjoy. This is Sevardi – the place in Beecroft to find a subtle mix of gentle laughter and the clink of wine glasses toasting the important or the trivial in your life. It’s the place where the music chills your mind and the tapas thrills your senses; a bolthole where you can be yourself and spend time with those most important to you. So, walking into 12 Hannah Street any time from 3pm to late, you’ll surely find yourself gently beguiled.

When you spend time in Sevardi it’s a special place to be

If you are ready to truly relax with family or friends, and want to enjoy both their company and a touch of privacy, then Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar could have been designed just for you. As you enjoy your chosen company, you will also sense the amazing aromas of stunning Spanish tapas and Italian classic choices lovingly created by our superb chef Toni.

Joining these memorable tastes on your tingling palate will be your choice from the finest of Australian and Italian wines, from the most crisp of classic whites to the deepest of ruby reds, and with all other shades of pleasure found between the two.

When it’s time to leave Sevardi you’ll be keen to return so soon

You’ll have discovered that this is kind of place you’d both like to keep to yourself and yet share with everyone you know. Nestling in the heart of Beecroft, it’s a wine and tapas bar which will always offer that vital escape from the stresses of a world kept firmly on the other side of its doors.

You’ll appreciate that the atmosphere is always relaxed, the food a constant revelation, the wines truly remarkable. So any free time you have from 3pm until deep in the body of that good night will see you keen to return to 12 Hannah Street.

Sevardi is truly a place for memories to be shared and made; friends encountered and enjoyed, and palates pampered and refreshed. We know we’ll be welcoming you back before too many days have slipped by!

Fantastic Wines

Just pop in and indulge yourself

For all occasions

No matter hat your palette we will have something for you

Delicious Tapas

Melt in your mouth tapas as it was meant to be

In a fantastic environment

Take a moment out of your schedule to enjoy life

Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar will be closed from
Friday 23rd December until 3rd January.

We open again on the 3rd of January from 7am to serve
delicious coffee, cakes and pastries!