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December 2016

  • hens night

Spice up your hens night with tapas!

Food is sometimes an afterthought when it comes to a hens night. Usually, it’s the bar reservation, the music or even a cheeky stripper or two that are near the top of the list! While these things carry a certain spice of their own, the use of tapas is an excellent way of tempting the taste buds.

  • Hills District restaurant

6 reasons we’re the Hills District restaurant to head for

People in Sydney know what they want from a Hills District restaurant. They’re multicultural, fun-loving and social but also discerning, and at Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar, we think we know what people are really looking for. Here are a few of our top picks to get your taste buds tingling. 1. Scallops Even those

  • tapas for two

Rekindle your romance with tapas for two

These days, 'romance' might often come in the form of a text message. In the age of the millennial, commitment is statistically on the decline and some believe that romance is dead. Well, at Sevardi Wine and Tapas bar, we're fighting back and want to convince you that 'tapas for two' is one of the

November 2016

  • girls night out

Choose wine and tapas for your girls night out

Finally, it’s time for that long-awaited girls night out! You work hard and you don’t have much time for yourself and your friends – so you deserve to do things right when it’s time to put your dancing shoes on. Whether it’s a hen’s night or just a long-overdue catch up with the ladies, a glass of wine

  • cocktail restaurant

Discovering Sevardi as a cocktail restaurant

Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar is well known throughout Sydney for delicious, contemporary Spanish tapas and fantastic wines, but what you might not know is Sevardi is also a cocktail restaurant. Unlike wine, which is thought of as complimentary to any meal, particularly tapas, cocktails are often overlooked when matching food with drinks. Full of

October 2016

  • epping area restaurant

The best Epping area restaurant for wine, tapas and laughs

Looking for a great new Epping area restaurant to try? You will not want to look past the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar. Here's a few reasons why… Drinks You can't call a restaurant great if there isn't an impressive selection of wines and other drinks to tickle your tongue. And there is no better place when

  • whiskey night

Whiskey night at the Wine and Tapas bar

Whiskey – the Wall Street wine – is the sophisticated, popular and historic drink that is right back in fashion. It seems that everyone's an expert when it comes to whiskey, but there may in fact be one question you will need to ask yourself on whiskey night: what to eat with it? Whiskey night food choices

  • Spanish tapas dishes

Five ways to order Spanish tapas dishes

Spanish tapas dishes are inherently small, which is often the basis of their appeal. However, if you’re a big eater or worrying you will need to grab a burger on the way home, there are lots of ways to make sure you walk out of a tapas restaurant full and satisfied. Here are some helpful tips

September 2016

  • history of tapas

The History of Tapas

There are many stories about the origins and history of tapas. One such legend is that the monarch, Alfonso the 10th, fell very ill and was unable to eat anything more than small portions of food with a little wine. Presumably, feeling that this diet was beneficial to his mind, body and rule, he made it

  • Beecroft restaurant

Experience Sevardi’s Beecroft restaurant

Sydney is no stranger to the cultural expertise of Spanish immigrants and the delicious food they bring with them. Luckily for us, this means authentic tapas can be found in the North West region of Sydney, in establishments like Sevardi’s very own Beecroft restaurant. Whether you’re new to the delights of Castillian cuisine or seeking to