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The story behind the tapas restaurant

More than just snacks, tapas means literally ‘to cover’, referring to the original placing of bread, cheese or ham on a sherry glass to keep out flies. Another story is that the first tapas was actually ordered by the intrepid King Alfonso XIII, who wanted something to keep sand out of his sherry on a

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Top 3 tips for enjoying tapas food in Sydney

Tapas is the best non-traditional dining experience around – not only do you get to sample loads of different tastes, you also get to enjoy the social benefits tapas food has to offer. Check out our top three tips for getting the most out of your tapas experience in Sydney. 1. Pre-tapas: take the edge

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Don’t forget the wine bar!

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Here at Sevardi tapas and wine bar, we’re accustomed to hearing our customers express their delight at our delicious Spanish and Italian tapas. We also love them to sample the entire, authentic experience which in the wine bar involves a glass of our favourite grapes of course! Wine and tapas go way back. Stories of the origin of the

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Why is the best tapas in Sydney?

Despite being on the other side of the world to Spain, Sydney has surprisingly high standards when it comes to tapas. So, why is the best tapas in Sydney? Fresh produce makes for great tapas As any Spaniard will tell you, tapas can only be as good as its ingredients. Sydney, being right on the water and