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August 2016

  • health benefits of tapas

Why tapas could save the world

Sure, this title may seem a little dramatic. But with many dining out options being full of fat and ridiculously huge portion sizes, appreciating your serving of delicious tapas could help you mindfully eat your way to better health. Some health benefits of tapas With preventable chronic diseases on the rise, diet is being hailed

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How to order tapas in Spain

Sevardi offers an authentic tapas experience in Sydney, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. If you’re thinking of travelling to Spain, one of the absolute things you must do is try authentic tapas. But before you do, follow these handy tips to avoid looking like ‘un turista’. When and where to order tapas In Australia,

  • tapas bar in Sydney

Make your next anniversary an adventure at a tapas bar in Sydney

When your marriage has spanned over 10, 20 or 30 years, maybe even longer, it's difficult to come up with ideas that make your anniversary celebration unique. Sure, you can throw an elaborate party, but these types of events often take a lot of time, energy and money to plan. Plus, with such a hectic

  • tapas bar event

How to create an unforgettable tapas bar event

There’s nothing more memorable than hosting a birthday party, anniversary or another special event in an outstanding restaurant. But when you couple great food and wine with a theme, or play party games that select your dishes for you, it can change your tapas bar event from memorable into unforgettable. So how can you create such