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September 2016

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The History of Tapas

There are many stories about the origins and history of tapas. One such legend is that the monarch, Alfonso the 10th, fell very ill and was unable to eat anything more than small portions of food with a little wine. Presumably, feeling that this diet was beneficial to his mind, body and rule, he made it

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Experience Sevardi’s Beecroft restaurant

Sydney is no stranger to the cultural expertise of Spanish immigrants and the delicious food they bring with them. Luckily for us, this means authentic tapas can be found in the North West region of Sydney, in establishments like Sevardi’s very own Beecroft restaurant. Whether you’re new to the delights of Castillian cuisine or seeking to

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The top four best restaurants in Sydney

From simple to extravagant, the one thing that Sydney's best restaurants have in common is the quality of their food. Whether a local or a tourist, these four restaurants are recommended to all. If you want to truly experience the pinnacle of Sydney's food industry, a visit to one of the four best restaurants in Sydney

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Why tapas restaurants in Sydney are among the best in the world

If you’ve never visited Spain, then you won’t understand how connected the culture is to food. In fact, many food critics say that it is impossible to comprehend the country without understanding its food. Spanish food is a source of pride and at the centre of identity – the same can be said of the best