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October 2016

  • epping area restaurant

The best Epping area restaurant for wine, tapas and laughs

Looking for a great new Epping area restaurant to try? You will not want to look past the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar. Here's a few reasons why… Drinks You can't call a restaurant great if there isn't an impressive selection of wines and other drinks to tickle your tongue. And there is no better place when

  • whiskey night

Whiskey night at the Wine and Tapas bar

Whiskey – the Wall Street wine – is the sophisticated, popular and historic drink that is right back in fashion. It seems that everyone's an expert when it comes to whiskey, but there may in fact be one question you will need to ask yourself on whiskey night: what to eat with it? Whiskey night food choices

  • Spanish tapas dishes

Five ways to order Spanish tapas dishes

Spanish tapas dishes are inherently small, which is often the basis of their appeal. However, if you’re a big eater or worrying you will need to grab a burger on the way home, there are lots of ways to make sure you walk out of a tapas restaurant full and satisfied. Here are some helpful tips