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August 2017

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Why drink Cabernet Sauvignon with tapas?

Cabernet Sauvignon has long been hailed as a classic, rich red wine, with its grape adaptable enough to be grown internationally, from the Bordeaux region of France to Napa Valley in sunny California. As a wine bar, it’s a favourite vino of ours, providing a particularly sexy drink pairing for our range of tapas dishes.

July 2017

  • semillon

Psychological benefits of sharing tapas

We’ve all heard of Tapas share plates, an inventive and trendy new way of eating out. Tapas share plates offer many benefits for a fun-filled evening out paired with a decent wine – such as Semillon –and is rapidly rising to be the preferred method of catering for functions and events. While Tapas is a

  • riesling

Why Riesling and tapas make a perfect pair

Tapas is currently taking the world of fine dining and gourmet food by storm. Offering more cuisine variety, a lighter way of dining out and a great experience that is a fun way to build relationships, tapas is a fantastic dining concept for today’s gourmet world. For some countries, tapas is considered an integral part of

June 2017

  • Pinot Grigio

How tapas can bring people together

Sharing tapas with friends and family can make for a lot of memorable experiences. It brings people together to share food and drink and create and nurture long lasting friendships. When paired with the right wine, like a Pinot Grigio, tapas brings a whole new experience to dining out. For special occasions, going out for

  • chardonnay

Why tapas dining with Chardonnay is best

There is an acute difference between dining out and eating out. When eating out, a person is simply looking for a meal and one matched wine. When dining out, a person is looking for a memorable experience that pleases the palate, the mind and can be washed down with perfectly matched wines that enhance the

May 2017

  • Carlingford area restaurant

5 things a great restaurant should deliver

To put it simply, at Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, we know exactly what you want from a great restaurant. Your hard-earned money, your valuable leisure time, and the entertainment of your taste buds are all too important to waste on something other than a truly impressive Carlingford area restaurant. So here are five ways we ensure you

  • cocktail bar

4 of our cocktail bar favourites

There’s no more hard-earned way to relax than at a cocktail bar like Sevardi Wine & Tapas. The food is great, the wine is delicious, but do you know how many of our regulars like to really let down their hair? With one of our amazing cocktails. It goes without saying that a great cocktail

April 2017

  • best tapas

A choice of possible origins for the best tapas in Sydney!

As so many people join us to experience some of the best tapas in Sydney, we are often asked how the name – and style of food – originated. Like many of history’s great events and discoveries, there is a range of possible origins. Here are just a few of them; we’ll leave you to choose which

  • Thornleigh area restaurant

A Thornleigh area restaurant sees tapas… evolved!

The exciting and historic world of tapas is now available at a Thornleigh area restaurant! Because Sydney can’t miss out on one of the most exciting trends in Australian dining. Great tapas venues, like the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar, have been taken to the next level in Sydney and beyond. Tapas – evolved Tapas, of course, originated

March 2017

  • romantic date ideas

Need romantic date ideas? Look no further than tapas

With the cooler months approaching, now is the perfect time to refocus on your relationship with some new romantic date ideas. Often we are guilty of neglecting our partners during the action of the summer months, so it’s important to take time out of our busy schedules and show them just how much you appreciate them with a