Sydney is no stranger to the cultural expertise of Spanish immigrants and the delicious food they bring with them. Luckily for us, this means authentic tapas can be found in the North West region of Sydney, in establishments like Sevardi’s very own Beecroft restaurant. Whether you’re new to the delights of Castillian cuisine or seeking to sate an old appetite, here are some things to look for when recognising that authentic Spanish flavour.

Olive oil aplenty

Spain produces almost half of all the olive oil in the world, so it’s no surprise that few Spanish dishes forego a generous foundation of ‘aceite de oliva’. The rich, fulfilling flavour varies depending on the climate in which the olives were grown, and tasting all the different styles is a journey in itself. But no matter the region, virgin olive oil has the most distinct flavour of the basic kinds, which also include blended and light oils. This is the oil used in most authentic cooking.

Garlic, garlic, garlic

Tell a Spaniard you don’t eat garlic, and they’ll ask you what in the world you do eat. The smell of garlic frying in olive oil is the smell of a well-used kitchen to many Spanish people and their descendants, and forms the basis of every lunch and dinner. Whether an ingredient in a deliciously modern tapas or the taste of a homely ‘sopa de ajo’, garlic is a staple of Spanish meals. Spaniards also tout garlic for its health benefits, which include its large amounts of vitamin C.

Paprika, please

Paprika is the last point in this triad of authentic tastes that you will come across in a range of Spanish dishes. Whether part of a paella’s scrumptious seasoning or the spice of a satisfying chorizo tapas, ‘pimenton’ is an important ingredient in the Spanish pantry. It comes in smoked and regular varieties, ranging in flavour from notably sweet to rich and pungent. Paprika is a wonderful addition to any Spanish meal and can be tasted in many authentic recipes.

Sevardi Wine & Tapa’s Beecroft restaurant

Want to get a taste of real Spain without leaving Sydney? At Sevardi’s Beecroft restaurant, we offer a contemporary take on Spanish cuisine while upholding the fundamental values of traditional dishes. Book with us online or by calling (02) 9980 1150.