Despite being on the other side of the world to Spain, Sydney has surprisingly high standards when it comes to tapas. So, why is the best tapas in Sydney?

Fresh produce makes for great tapas

As any Spaniard will tell you, tapas can only be as good as its ingredients. Sydney, being right on the water and with fertile farm land not far away, has access to plenty of fresh, local produce – from high-quality seafood to lush tomatoes and just-picked mushrooms. Here at Sevardi, we turn these ingredients into plates of mouthwatering deliciousness.

The best chefs make the best tapas

Sydney has an incredibly competitive dining scene. Every year, some of its restaurants are recognised as among the finest in the world. So, local chefs are continually working hard to refine their skills and come up with fantastic new dishes. For tapas lovers, this makes the city a culinary gold mine.

The best is created through innovation

It’s hard to know why Sydney’s tapas scene is so relentlessly innovative. Perhaps it’s because Australia is so far from Spain – chefs feel free to be brave and challenge traditions. Most of the best tapas in Sydney is grounded in old-fashioned recipes, but taken to a new level with contemporary twists and dashes of creativity. Keep a look out for native Australian ingredients – they’re becoming more and more popular.

The best tapas in Sydney comes with fine wine

Sydney is close to two excellent wine producing regions. The well-known Hunter Valley, which lies to the northwest, and the less well-known Southern Highlands, which lies to the southwest. So, the best tapas in Sydney is always accompanied by a good local drop.

The best tapas comes with stunning views

Whether or not you’ve been to Sydney, you probably know that its scenery is famous all over the world. Not only is there an enormous natural harbour, there are stacks and stacks of beautiful, unspoilt beaches. Many of the city’s restaurants are situated in absolute waterfront positions so, while you’re indulging in the best tapas in Sydney, you can soak in some stunning views.

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