If you’ve never visited Spain, then you won’t understand how connected the culture is to food. In fact, many food critics say that it is impossible to comprehend the country without understanding its food. Spanish food is a source of pride and at the centre of identity – the same can be said of the best tapas restaurants in Sydney, which are some of the finest in the world.

Why do tapas restaurants in Sydney have such a high reputation?

Using the Spanish philosophy of food, tapas restaurants in Sydney are culinary competitive. These restaurants use Spanish traditions but put a twist on their dishes, so that they can claim them as theirs. This methodology is much like regions in Spain, which name their dishes after the area in which the food comes to life. For instance, Castilian soup hails from the Castile region of Spain.

Also, these restaurants may use their foods to personify their identity. So, while they are all seeking to achieve a common purpose – to create culinary delights – they want to ‘stand out’ from the pack.

How do the best tapas restaurants in Sydney maintain this standard?

The secret to creating delectable tapas foods time and time again is by following the central principle of Spanish cuisine – respect the main ingredient and bring out its flavour. Spaniards do this by doing as little as possible to their foods. Tapas restaurants in Sydney do the same.

Tapas restaurants in Sydney also believe that no-one cooks food like they do. This trait is another that these restaurants share with the Spanish, who put food at the centre of their lives. This approach is classified as ‘food chauvinism’ by some.

Lastly, food in Spain is a part of the social structure – it’s a family event. Sit-down meals are ‘a must’, as this is a time when family catches up on daily events and happenings. Discussions are enjoyed by all and are very emotional in Spain. The best tapas restaurants in Sydney share this sentiment.

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