To put it simply, at Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, we know exactly what you want from a great restaurant. Your hard-earned money, your valuable leisure time, and the entertainment of your taste buds are all too important to waste on something other than a truly impressive Carlingford area restaurant. So here are five ways we ensure you have a night to remember:

1. Delicious food

It goes without saying that without great food, you can’t claim to be a great restaurant. At Sevardi Wine & Tapas bar, we don’t just want you to like our food, we want to positively seduce your taste buds with our finest range of dishes for all palates – from antipasti, to pasta and rich cheeses.

2. An enticing selection of wines

We could hardly claim to be a great wine and tapas bar if we only present you delicious tapas. We know that it is the combination of mouth-watering tapas with a vast selection of quality, international wines, specially chosen for our menu, that really make the palate tingle.

3. Great service

At Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, we don’t believe great service is a plus – we believe it’s a necessity. What is a plus is when great service spills over into fantastic service. On top of making the ordering process easy and pleasant, a really great restaurant will go well beyond what you need, ensuring that what you rave about just as much as our amazing tapas and wine is how well you were looked after by our staff.

4. A feel-good atmosphere

Tapas isn’t tapas without a friendly, buzzing, social atmosphere, and we are well known for offering exactly that. We know that you want to spend your precious eating, sipping and social time with brilliant company in a relaxing setting, so we focus on our place being happy, vibrant and relaxing.

5. Excellent value at our great Carlingford area restaurant

Of course, if you want cheap food, you should head to your local fast food restaurant. But when it comes to price, you want to know that what you do spend at our quality restaurant gets you exceptional value for money. We want you to say ‘wow’ at the taste and the price, trusting that you’re really getting what you paid for.

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