There is an acute difference between dining out and eating out. When eating out, a person is simply looking for a meal and one matched wine. When dining out, a person is looking for a memorable experience that pleases the palate, the mind and can be washed down with perfectly matched wines that enhance the flavour of the food. Tapas is a great option for those seeking an enjoyable dining experience and all tapas food can be matched with the perfect glass of Chardonnay.

The origins of  Chardonnay wine

Originating in Southern Spain, a tapas meal is traditionally several small portions of delectable food served over the course of an evening. Tapas is perfect for fussy eaters and Chardonnay connoisseurs. Chardonnay originated in eastern France and the green-skinned grape white wine has spread in popularity on a global scale. The Wine and Tapas Bar features elegant wines such as their Chardonnay that originates from West Sicily. The Calinca Insola Chardonnay has an intense flavour full of apple citron and grapefruit and perfectly matches the array of tapas courses available. Below we look at three reasons food and Chardonnay lovers should choose tapas dining over traditional dining.

1. It allows diners to try new things

Most people have fallen victim to a meal not meeting their taste when eating out. The sad thing about dining in traditional restaurants is that the story ends there, there is only one meal and type of (often poorly matched) wine. Tapas dining allows for a selection of shared plates and wines that can be customised to tantalise all palates. Heavy tapas selections can call for a lighter Chardonnay to subdue the flavour. Glandore DPJ Chardonnay from the Hunter Valley is a great mix for heavy and flavoursome tastes, and its strong aromas will heighten the food experience.

2. The experience is more unique

The best bonds are formed over breaking bread. Tapas is a sharing experience which allows diners to consume and discuss the same meals. Tapas meals with perfect wines can often stretch out for hours with multiple wines and courses, whereas traditional dining is usually over once the meal has concluded. Long hour dining can call for lighter wine choices such as the Hollick ‘The Bard’ Chardonnay from Coonawarra. This wine is sessionable and is full of floral notes and light aromas.

3. It is suitable for all occasions

Tapas caters for Chardonnay drinkers, champagne enthusiasts, people suffering allergies and strict dietary requirements. Tapas can be shared intimately between two people or can stretch over an afternoon and well into the night with a large group of people. Birthday? Work function? In need of a unique experience? Tapas is always the answer.

The Servadi Wine and Tapas Bar in Beecroft caters for all people seeking a memorable meal and a delicious experience. The profound menu is sourced from premium produce and diners always return, over and over again. Call us today on (02) 9980 1150 to reserve your table.