There’s no more hard-earned way to relax than at a cocktail bar like Sevardi Wine & Tapas. The food is great, the wine is delicious, but do you know how many of our regulars like to really let down their hair? With one of our amazing cocktails.

It goes without saying that a great cocktail bar serves some delicious drinks that have been expertly shaken and stirred. So let’s explore just a few of our favourites that we just know you’ll love.

Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar: cocktail bar favourites!

1. Order a Margarita

Head into our bar and order a margarita. Without doubt, it’s the best known tequila cocktail there is – may we recommend you ask the cocktail bar to shake yours? All too often, too much lime is added to a margarita, but ours is to die for.

2. Try your first Japanese Slipper

If you’ve never ordered a Japanese Slipper at Servardi, you’re simply missing out. It dates back to the mid-80s, when a cocktail bar in Melbourne began mixing Midori with Cointreau and lemon. The result is bright green, but trust us – you’ll love it.

3. Have a High West Ginger Experience

The ‘High West’ element is Utah’s famous campfire whiskey. Then we’ll add some of Fever Tree’s award-winning ginger beer. The magic ingredient is the El Jimador Reposado Tequila, made famous by a man renowned for harvesting on the best blue agaves. Finish with lime juice and you have something you’ll want to order time after time.

4. Learn something about a Brandy Alexander

We’re pretty sure that if you were to ask any cocktail connoisseur who made the Brandy Alexander most famous, they’ll know the answer. He famously said ‘Imagine there’s no heaven’, but John Lennon also said ‘Give me a Brandy Alexander’ plenty of times at his local New York bar. It’s basically brandy and cream, and chocolate-flavoured Creme de Cacao. Get ‘Instant Karma’ by experiencing a Brandy Alexander for yourself.

These are just a selection of the favourite cocktails at Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar. Drop in today and go to cocktail bar heaven! For more information call us on (02) 9980 1150.