Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar is well known throughout Sydney for delicious, contemporary Spanish tapas and fantastic wines, but what you might not know is Sevardi is also a cocktail restaurant.

Unlike wine, which is thought of as complimentary to any meal, particularly tapas, cocktails are often overlooked when matching food with drinks. Full of complex flavours, we think of cocktails as more of a dish themselves to be enjoyed separately, which is why we often know of a cocktail bar rather than a cocktail restaurant.

However, for those daring enough to match cocktails with food, they’ll find that because cocktails are supposed to be drunk quickly, they pair perfectly with small, shared plates and therefore work particularly well with tapas.

To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your cocktail restaurant experience, here are a few things to keep in mind when pairing cocktails and tapas.

Prepare your palate

At the beginning of your dining experience at a cocktail restaurant, keep away from overly sweet cocktails that could ruin your palate before a meal. Instead, stick to drier style cocktails, such as Sevardi’s Gin Martini, that will help prepare your palate.


A tapas and cocktail restaurant is great, because you can pair tapas that is particularly salty with a cocktail containing citrus to cut through and balance the salt.

Complicated and easy

For dishes with complicated flavours, pair with a simple, distinct cocktail that won’t take away from the multiple elements of your meal.

Contrast and similarities

Cocktails can either enhance the flavour of a meal through similarities or curtail flavours through contrast. For example, a light salad can be paired with a light cocktail to bring out similar flavours, or a spicy dish can be tempered with a sweet cocktail.

Cocktail restaurant desserts

Most diners find they can forgo heavy desserts and instead finish their dining experience with a richer cocktail, such as Sevardi’s Brandy Alexander. The perfect way to finish a delicious meal!

Find out just how well cocktails and tapas go together at outstanding cocktail restaurant Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar. Call (02) 9980 1150 to book a table and discover an exciting and sumptuous range of cocktails.