If you’re planning a special family dinner, or organising an intimate event for work colleagues and clients, it can be a real headache creating a menu that is going to keep everyone happy. Even if you were to select two or three mains to choose from, along with a few starters, it’s likely to seem more hassle than it’s worth. The simple solution is to go tapas-style.

Sevardi Tapas and Wine Bar creates tapas that will challenge any preconceived thoughts you may have had about what you can do with a small plate of food – and how filling it can be. No one will be left hungry and you’ll be the one taking the credit! And, if someone isn’t particularly hungry, well then there’s no pressure on them to finish a huge meal.

You’ll also find you probably have a happier and more social bunch, with less knives scraping plates and more chatter as people indulge in the broad variety of tastes we present.

A tapas menu is incredibly diverse, meaning there’s bound to be at least a few dishes to keep even the fussiest of foodies happy. And, if one dish happens to be a hit, it’s easy to order a few more. Tapas is a custom where food, drink and bonding come together. Not only is your food selection catered for, but the wine menu will leave your party screaming for more.

The wines are chosen carefully to enhance the flavours of the food, sourced locally and from around the world. You might enjoy a smooth red on your first visit, and change to a dry white the next time. If you’ve ordered the same dish on both visits, you might note how the different wines add different layers of flavour to the food. At any rate, you’ll probably be choosing what dishes you’ll order next time!

Trust us to make your evening one you’ll be talking about for a long time, and one you won’t regret. Phone today on (02) 9980 1150 to reserve your table.