Looking for a great new Epping area restaurant to try? You will not want to look past the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar. Here’s a few reasons why…


You can’t call a restaurant great if there isn’t an impressive selection of wines and other drinks to tickle your tongue. And there is no better place when it comes to loving and knowing about wine than the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar.

The wine bar has all the best Italian wines, sparkling wines and French champagne. The Wine and Tapas Bar is also a great venue for white wines, with the menu categories divided into salt, shells & citrus, fruits, flowers & herbs, butter, stone fruits & roasted nuts, sweet wines and all the rest. And when it comes to a restaurant with red wines, the Wine and Tapas bar has all the joyful medium bodied picks you love, savoury and structured, unashamedly rich picks, and even red and white Zinfandel wines.

On top of that, there is an extensive range of Slovenian wines, local NSW wines, and all the beer and spirits you could ever want from an Epping area restaurant. Because you can’t enjoy great tapas without a drink, and no restaurant is complete without a fantastic selection.


The great Spanish tapas tradition is to ‘tapas hop’ from bar to bar, savouring the delicious flavours that each individual establishment has to offer. But when you find a great restaurant like the Sevardi Wine and Tapas bar, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Why? Because this is simply a restaurant with an epic menu! From beautiful house-made breads, a huge selection of finger-licking Schiacciata with amazing and traditional ingredients including prosciutto, Chorizo and fresh seafood, to Arancini and beautiful mains, sides and desserts – including suzette-glazed Crepes that you definitely won’t find in another Epping restaurant.


Great tapas and wine, and a fabulous restaurant to while away the hours, is never completely without the friendliest of atmospheres. Food and wine somehow taste better when you’re surrounded by a welcoming, happy and relaxing atmosphere, the popular Epping area restaurant Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar ticks every box! Book a table by calling (02) 9980 1150 and try it for yourself today.