Finally, it’s time for that long-awaited girls night out! You work hard and you don’t have much time for yourself and your friends – so you deserve to do things right when it’s time to put your dancing shoes on.

Whether it’s a hen’s night or just a long-overdue catch up with the ladies, a glass of wine and tapas (or four!) is a great way to get that party started.

Start the evening with your favourite wine or champagne

Because your rare girls night out is so important to you, it’s crucial that the venues you choose to spend time in are fun, warm and friendly.

That’s because your favourite drink always tastes better when the atmosphere is just as delicious and refreshing. Time with your girlfriends is important to you and the best way to forget the stresses of your everyday life, whether you’re a busy mum, a hectic professional or an on-the-go independent woman.

So why not unwind with one or four of the meticulously selected wines on offer at Sevardi? We thought of everyone when putting together our wine menu with wines hand-picked from the world’s most famous vineyards – we even thought about what you’d like to drink on your special girls night out!

A girls night out isn’t complete without tapas

We’re a wine and tapas bar for a reason – because we believe passionately in completely seducing your taste buds. Nothing goes better with a palate-tingling wine from the best vineyards around the world than some mouth-watering tapas dishes.

Tapas was conceived to be irresistibly paired with wine and then enjoyed in your favourite company surrounded by the warmest and friendliest of atmospheres – nothing could be better for your evening out with the girls.

For centuries now, wine and tapas have been delighting those whose favourite pastime is marrying fine wine with cuisine for the most perfect of tastes. At Sevardi, we bring together only the best wines from Australia, Italy, France, and even Slovenia and beyond, with high-quality, local and fresh tapas ingredients – meaning the only missing piece is the amazing atmosphere guaranteed by our warm and friendly revellers, like you and your besties on your night out. Give the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar a call today on (02) 9980 1150 to book your table.