When you’re looking to catch up with friends or get to know your partner a little better, there are fewer better settings than a great cocktail restaurant.

Nowadays, it’s possible to enjoy a drink at a bar without needing a pub – and maybe even indulging in some delicious food while you’re at it. In fact, the cocktail restaurant is becoming more popular than ever.

But what makes a great cocktail restaurant?

Even a few years ago, diners seemed happy to order a simple beer or wine with their meal. But tastes are becoming far more discerning, meaning some diners have a preference for a quality cocktail with their special meal. It’s not just the choice available either; cocktails are the elegant option when you feel like celebrating or spending some quality time with the ones you love in an equally refined surrounding.

With that said, here are three things that really make a cocktail restaurant stand out from the crowd:

1. The ingredients

What a great cocktail restaurant will always have is all the very best cocktail ingredients and mixers there for you to see and even – if you wanted to – almost reach out and touch.

The selection of spirits won’t just be renowned brands but also some more artisan offerings from around the world – but all will be to the highest quality. If you order a Brandy Alexander, it will be sumptuous dark creme de cacao and cream that goes in, not just milk.

2. The atmosphere

There’s a reason patrons are staying at a great cocktail restaurant rather than moving on to a bar or pub – and it’s the atmosphere. The building will be awesome, but more importantly will be the decor and ambience. The lighting will be perfect, the presentation will be superb. It’s what separates a passable cocktail restaurant from a place you’ll almost call home.

3. The menu

Believe it or not, it’s possible to wander into a cocktail restaurant for a meal and a drink and be met with ‘Huh?’ when asked for your favourite cocktail. And we’re not just talking about poor service – but poor knowledge from the guys behind the bar.

Firstly, the cocktail menu should be exquisite and extensive in a great cocktail restaurant – there should be concoctions like Japanese Slipper and High West Ginger Experience in addition to the standard favourites like Martini. So if you really want something unique… that’s where the good cocktail restaurant becomes a great one.

At Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, we think we qualify as a truly great cocktail restaurant. Stop in for some delicious food and an exotic cocktail sometime soon and we’ll promise you a great evening! Call us today to book: (02) 9980 1150.