Sure, this title may seem a little dramatic. But with many dining out options being full of fat and ridiculously huge portion sizes, appreciating your serving of delicious tapas could help you mindfully eat your way to better health.

Some health benefits of tapas

With preventable chronic diseases on the rise, diet is being hailed as the way to curtail certain kinds of illness; obesity, heart complications, diabetes and more are all caused by over-indulging in a poor diet.

Many people with busy modern lifestyles eat out a lot. And why shouldn’t they? Sharing a meal with friends and loved ones is an enjoyable way to bond. Heading to the best restaurants in Sydney is one of life’s joy’s, and nobody wants to foresake lovely social meals for the sake of their health. In fact, this seems counter-intuitive: how can it be good for our health to miss out on catching up with friends?

But many restaurants, pubs and cafes serve up simply too much food. No-one likes to be wasteful, which is why people often power through a ridiculously huge portion size in pig-mode.

Luckily, there is a solution that puts you a step towards achieving good health, and lets you enjoy the experience of dining out.

It’s tapas!

Tapas is a style of eating that encourages you to be mindful of your meal. A lot of effort goes into those small portions, and they are designed to be picked at while enjoying conversation. This slow Spanish style of eating encourages chewing and spacing out each morsel, which helps you realise your stomach is full.

That means no more mindlessly wolfing down food. Instead, you savour each mouthful. Tapas helps you enjoy food the way you are supposed to. And when you choose a wine and tapas bar that only uses the most quality ingredients and sources locally when possible, you are making an even better choice for your health. Our bodies were designed to eat this way – so head out to tapas with your loved ones and enjoy a meal the way we were meant to.

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