There are many stories about the origins and history of tapas. One such legend is that the monarch, Alfonso the 10th, fell very ill and was unable to eat anything more than small portions of food with a little wine. Presumably, feeling that this diet was beneficial to his mind, body and rule, he made it that no alcohol would be served without something to eat on the side.

Another explanation is related to the meaning of the word ‘tapas’, which means ‘toppings’ or ‘coverings’. This could mean two things. The first, that drinks used to be served with a small plate in top to prevent the drink being polluted by dust, bugs or food. These coverings would traditionally be filled with some tasty nibbles. The second might refer to the fact that many tapas are eaten with or alongside grilled bread, and the tapas would be a topping to the toast.

Another possible theory about the history of tapas

Considering the Spanish inclination for partying and socialising around food, wine and beer, some credence is given to the cause of King Alfonso’s story, rather than necessarily its truth. It certainly helps reduce alcohol related problems to make sure that no one is drinking on an empty stomach. Having such a rule, to eat and drink together, fostered a positive drinking culture, and a dynamic and social environment for its people to enjoy.

While these tasty treats are some of the best things to eat in the world, their use seemed mainly to satiate the body’s craving for fuel beyond alcoholic beverages!

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