Here at Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar, we know what you’re looking for in a Pennant Hills area restaurant. Hitting those milestones in your life, or simply spending a fun and relaxing evening with your friends or family is important, and they should only be enjoyed at the very best restaurant you can find. For great company, great memories, food, tapas and lovely wine, Sevardi Wine & Tapas bar is the perfect option for you.

Choose only the best Pennant Hills area restaurant

Heading out for an anniversary dinner? A birthday? Or perhaps you’ve finally found a babysitter and you just want to reconnect with that special someone in your life in a quiet yet vibrant setting – our Pennant Hills restaurant is the perfect place. Take a look around our wine and tapas restaurant, filled with that buzz of laughs and the amazing smells of mouth-watering tapas and wines that set the palate irresistibly alight, and you be can rest assured you’ve found a restaurant that you can keep coming back to long into the future.

Why is tapas the perfect choice? Because like your precious friendship or milestone that you are celebrating, the history of tapas cannot be understood without the concept of socialising and sharing. Pick something tantalisingly delicious from the tapas menu and they’re just perfect for sharing – in the same way that your favourite moments and memories are!

Great tapas and beautiful wine

Whether it’s our antipasti, pasta or cheeses, we have something befitting to suit everybody’s tastes. You put a lot of effort into your working life, your relationship or that milestone that you are now celebrating at Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, so be rest assured our chef has put the same love and attention into the crafting of your meal, compiled with only the best, hand-picked, local and beautifully seasoned ingredients.

But no Pennant Hills area restaurant can claim to be the best without offering beautiful wine to light that spark in your palate. Whether you love the fine wines of the past or the present – from the richest of Italian reds to the crispest of South Australian whites – you’ll find them at Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar for your treasured night out.

So because your special memories and your company are unforgettable, you need incredible food and wine for your evening – and the best thing about Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar is that you can keep coming back for more. Call us on (02) 9980 1150 to book your table today!