Sharing tapas with friends and family can make for a lot of memorable experiences. It brings people together to share food and drink and create and nurture long lasting friendships. When paired with the right wine, like a Pinot Grigio, tapas brings a whole new experience to dining out.

For special occasions, going out for dinner can make for a special night out. But these days, sitting down and having a main meal reduces the ability to connect and socialise by limiting the amount of talk time we are able to have. It’s more of a formal setting that ends as soon as it’s finished. Why not enhance the night and drive connections by sharing tapas with a nice glass of wine with your friends?

Tapas has many varied health benefits, including teaching you to savour each mouthful. Consuming food in smaller quantities teaches better eating habits, and there’s much less wastage left over from whole plated dinners. When having tapas, the food lasts over the course of the evening, and when matched with a glass of your favourite wine, can make your evening unforgettable.

Pinot Grigio is a zesty white wine with complementary flavours like honeysuckle, lemon, lime, green apple, peach and apricot. Perfect for a summer day, the refreshing wine is a highly favoured and popular choice in Italy, where people enjoy pairing this citrus zesty sensation with seafood dishes. Think shellfish, clams and mussels. It’s the perfect wine for pairing with a medley of fresh herb and salad combinations, cheese plates, chicken and seafood share plates.

Flavours can range from tropical to citrus, and often include a smokey or honey flavour as well. The wine is pale yellow in colour with golden hues. The texture is very smooth and silky and very refreshing on the palate. For the perfect refreshing drink starter for your tapas event, try a glass of Pinot Grigio.

With so many advantages of pairing tapas and wine, it’s great fun to try out this popular trendy new way of dining out. Why not book your next tapas function or event with Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar? Contact us today by calling us on (02) 9980 1150.