Tapas is currently taking the world of fine dining and gourmet food by storm. Offering more cuisine variety, a lighter way of dining out and a great experience that is a fun way to build relationships, tapas is a fantastic dining concept for today’s gourmet world. For some countries, tapas is considered an integral part of day to day life, with a high focus on enhancing nutrition and relationships. Choosing a decent wine – such as a quality Riesling – to match your tapas selection can turn the evening from a good to a great dining event.

The art of tapas is unique and individual to each restaurant’s concept. Including tapas as a dining option for your special event creates a truly magical, memorable evening for you and your family or friends. An important element to great tapas is pairing the food selection with a great wine that complements the theme.

A unique flavour

Riesling is a fantastic white wine to pair with tapas platters. It is a highly aromatic citrus wine that presents such base flavours as apricot, crisp apple, pear and nectarine, and undertones of honeycomb, lime peel and jasmine.

The history of Riesling wines

Riesling wines originated in Germany and are considered to be the elixir of German nobility. It was categorised as a rare wine, along with others such as Chardonnay. While the majority of white wine is usually consumed soon after bottling, the Riesling is said to improve while bottled, for up to 100 years.

A perfect pair

This sensational citrus refreshing wine is a wonderful complimentary drink to go with with spicy tapas dishes, including spicy Asian and Indian cuisines. Riesling pairs exceptionally well with chicken, duck, shrimp, shellfish, pork and bacon. Any tapas menu that is high in spices works well with Riesling, and it also pairs nicely with vegetarian rice dishes and soft creamy cheeses.

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