We’ve all heard of Tapas share plates, an inventive and trendy new way of eating out. Tapas share plates offer many benefits for a fun-filled evening out paired with a decent wine – such as Semillon –and is rapidly rising to be the preferred method of catering for functions and events. While Tapas is a fantastic option for events and party catering, there’s also another side of Tapas you probably haven’t even thought of.

Sharing tapas plates actually greatly increases emotional well-being and psychological health. Research and studies show that sharing meals with close family and friends dramatically reduces feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety, and promotes feelings of connectedness, satisfaction and overall level of happiness in one’s life.

Psychological benefits of sharing tapas can also increase personal levels of altruism (a quality of goodness, kindness and caring) within yourself. When you connect more with others, you increase your levels of positivity and feel more content with life. Isolation plays a major role in contributing to feelings of unhappiness, and by taking steps to promote connectedness and interaction with friends and family, you are able to self-promote your own well-being successfully. Tapas is a great option to achieve this.

Semillon: a wine to come together over

But what is tapas without wine? A great wine adds to the atmosphere and ambience and makes the night special. When you’re choosing the wine to pair with your tapas, make sure you match your wine with what type of tapas you are serving.

Semillon is a great wine to select for your special tapas event. Semillon is sometimes referred to as a dessert wine and has a slightly sweeter taste. It pairs exceedingly well with Asian and spicy cuisine, seafood including shellfish, and any creamy based dish including veal, chicken and pork. Semillon aromas heighten your senses and are heavily laden with notes of apple, pear, apricot and vanilla. It’s flavour profile usually includes pear, apricot, lemon, vanilla, apple and honey flavours, and can be creamy in texture.

A great wine can make your night out memorable when paired with the right tapas. Make your booking today by calling (02) 9980 1150 for a sensational night out with Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar in Beecroft.