Spanish tapas dishes are inherently small, which is often the basis of their appeal. However, if you’re a big eater or worrying you will need to grab a burger on the way home, there are lots of ways to make sure you walk out of a tapas restaurant full and satisfied. Here are some helpful tips for smarter ordering to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

1. Stagger your order

The great thing about tapas plates is that the majority of dishes are either already prepared or really quick to make. Therefore, if you order everything at once you could end up with all your dishes arriving at the same time. The aim is to start with one or two plates, then once you have finished have another look at the menu to see how many more you need. Also, you might like to be inspired by other dishes that are being served at other tables.

2. Don’t rush!

Most tapas bars and restaurants have a casual approach to seating times. Kitchens usually open around 3pm and conveniently stay open until late in the night. It’s a great way to leave plans open or enjoy events before or after your dining experience.

3. Share with friends

It’s well known, and often said, that tapas is for sharing. The majority of dishes are perfect for sharing among a large group of people and means you’ll get to try everything and won’t succumb to food envy. Work together and have everyone choose a dish, this way you may get to try something you wouldn’t usually order yourself. Also, when the bill comes, there’s more people to split it between.

4. Research Spanish tapas dishes

If you are a newbie to the Spanish cuisine, check out the menu online before you arrive. Look up any words you don’t understand, so when the waiter comes you know exactly what you’re ordering.

5. Order Sangria

It isn’t a tapas party without a jug of Sangria. Spanish red wine, served cold with delicious, fresh fruit is an absolute given. Order and enjoy it as the perfect accompaniment to your delicious meal.

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