It’s no secret that Spanish tapas is some of the best on the planet. Of course, it’s not hard to get a bona fide fix close to home, with the Servadi Wine and Tapas Bar serving up the best tapas in Sydney. That said, nothing quite beats the taste of tapas in Spain itself – and the Spanish clearly agree. Now, the food-obsessed nation is taking its passion for tapas one step further. They are calling on UNESCO to add the quintessential Spanish appetisers to its Intangible Cultural Heritage line-up.

Spanish tapas pegged as a cultural legend

Should tapas win UNESCO approval it’ll step up alongside fellow global traditions. These include the Mediterranean diet, Brazilian capoeira circles, Mongolian camel coaxing rituals, Turkey’s coffee culture, Spanish flamenco dancing, Romanian Lad’s dances and more.

So what’s prompted Spain to petition for its signature dish? More than just a specific form of food, tapas is an integral part of the Spanish lifestyle. The small dishes define the country’s culture heritage, and have done for centuries. Pair dishes with a glass of wine – tapas is offered free of charge alongside a drink in many bars on the Iberian peninsula – and it’s an experience to savour.

“The project is very advanced. The Ministry of Culture will make the formal presentation, but I have spoken to UNESCO and they are already looking into it,” adds Ansón.

With the final decision set to be handed down in 2017, the wait is on to see whether or not tapas is recognised by the UN’s 193 members as an official Intangible Cultural Heritage gem.

Sample the best tapas in Sydney

Want to try the best tapas in Sydney for yourself? Regardless of UNESCO’s decision, you can still sample tantalisingly authentic dishes, served Spanish style! Couple it with a beautifully appointed interior and a divine vino list, and it’s a little slice of Spain right here in NSW. Drop by or call the Servadi Wine & Tapas Bar on 02 9980 1150.