There’s nothing more memorable than hosting a birthday party, anniversary or another special event in an outstanding restaurant. But when you couple great food and wine with a theme, or play party games that select your dishes for you, it can change your tapas bar event from memorable into unforgettable. So how can you create such an event?

Finding the right tapas bar

First and foremost, you have to find the right tapas bar. While this sounds easy, not all tapas bars are created equally. Some have chefs that experiment with flavours and who are passionate about the dishes that they make, while others do not. Some tapas bars also lack ambience and may not have a large selection of foods and wines available. So before you book a table at a tapas bar for your event, ring and ask the staff about their menu and the number of people they can accommodate, or look the tapas bar up online and investigate further.

Read restaurant reviews

An excellent tapas bar will have rave reviews. These discussions will include the good points, and the not-so-good points and will allow you to decide if this tapas bar is the one for your event. Reviews are usually straight-forward and to the point, and they can give you an excellent indication of what other guests thought of the restaurant first-hand.

Pick your tapas bar event theme

Once you’ve decided which tapas bar to book your event at, then it’s time to think of a theme. The best themes are usually those that have sentimental value or make the event fun and enjoyable. A theme for a tapas bar, which is Spanish in orientation, may be suggesting that all of your guests wear something Spanish. Other ideas are to pick a favourite colour, or the letter of the alphabet – objects or characters – that start with the first letter of what the event is celebrating. For example, if it’s a birthday and the birthday guest’s name starts with G, then anything starting with G could be ideal.

Select your party games

Party games add zest to any event. A great party game to play at a tapas bar is to number menu items from one to six and to throw a dice to order. You can also play charades at the table, or make up quizzes, where the individual with the right answer receives a tasty morsel.

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