When your marriage has spanned over 10, 20 or 30 years, maybe even longer, it’s difficult to come up with ideas that make your anniversary celebration unique. Sure, you can throw an elaborate party, but these types of events often take a lot of time, energy and money to plan. Plus, with such a hectic lifestyle, it’s sometimes gratifying to just kick-back and relax with the person you love, rather than having to share them with others. So how can you create an anniversary celebration that bundles all of the love you have for your partner into one adventurous night?

Finding a romantic tapas bar in Sydney

Originating from Spain, tapas foods typically have a little kick, and there’s nothing wrong with adding spice to your anniversary night. But, to make your anniversary one to remember, you need to find the perfect tapas bar in Sydney, one that has a distinctive ambience that enables you to focus solely on your lover, and one that has incredible food and wine that you can share intimately together.

To find this type of tapas bar in Sydney, read online reviews, visit social media and forums, and read all comments. Talk to family and friends, and ask questions about their experiences. Next, phone restaurants and ask the staff if it’s possible for them to help you plan an anniversary dinner that’s special. A tapas bar in Sydney with a high reputation will be able to assist you in a heartbeat.

Selecting the right table

One of the best ways to make your anniversary night special is to ask for a table for two in a more secluded part of the tapas bar in Sydney. You may even want to ask the staff if it’s possible for your table to have a small candle or lamp placed on it, along with some flowers. Most restaurants will allow you to bring decorative table pieces if they cannot arrange these for you.

The perfect tapas dish for your anniversary

This night is all about you, your partner, a fine bottle or two of wine and delicious food that you can share. So ask the staff if they can recommend foods and wine that will enhance your experience and complement each other, enabling you to indulge in a romantic and adventurous dinner for two.

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