If you type ‘ Tapas bar Sydney ’ into Google, you get a lot of results. And that’s no bad thing: tapas is all about variety, trying great new things and meeting great new people. Everything you try might not be your absolute favourite, but it stirs your taste buds and whets your appetite for adventure.

Even so – and particularly if you’re new to the wonderful world of tapas food and drinking – for all of that forthcoming adventure, you still want a tapas bar connoisseurs visit, rave about and then keep coming back to.

You want a tapas bar locals can stroll, taxi, tram or bus to – and then take in the genuine sights and sounds of Barcelona right here at home. You want a tapas bar where traditional tapas meets modern tapas and the all-important drinking and socialising element also takes centre stage.

So here’s what to look for in a tapas bar Sydney locals love:

1. Mood

Sydneysiders will keep coming back to a bar that fuses its food and drink offerings with atmosphere. There must be colour, excitement, relaxation, lighting, music, laughter – it’s a combination tapas bar seekers will recognise as soon as they walk in and sense the mood and aromas.

2. Simplicity

Too many restaurateurs get lost in their quest to be the tapas bar Sydney list-makers put at number 1. The key is actually simplicity. Someone once said that while finding success can be difficult, the fast track to sure failure is trying to please everyone. But that’s not quite right: too many tapas bars simply lose the key element of simplicity by writing a novel, instead of a menu.

3. Personality

First, we told you that a tapas bar must have a great mood, now we’re telling you it should have a memorable personality: aren’t they the same thing? Not exactly. Now we’re talking about the human element. People love tapas because of the tapas ‘experience’ – and the personality of the place is a big part of this.

At Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar, we’re pretty sure we have the perfect combo of food, wine, mood, simplicity and personality. Give us a call today on (02) 9980 1150 to book your table!