The finest of tastes paired with the warmest of atmospheres

Great taste combinations, such as mouth-watering tapas and palate-tingling wines, are surely best savoured in a friendly atmosphere. That’s what you’ll always find here at 1/12 Hannah Street, Beecroft. You’ll spot many local Beecroft residents enjoying a relaxed family dinner, or lazy evening with friends. If you are passing through then please drop by Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar and appreciate the chance to savour our warm yet relaxed welcome, where nighttime becomes just what you want it to be.

Tapas bar – and more – that will seduce your taste buds

Tapas was surely created to be shared as much as enjoyed. It’s believed that it was first offered by Spanish roadside innkeepers over 200 years ago. They began providing passing travellers with samples of their dishes on a tapa or pot cover. Here at Sevardi, we recognise this rich history, but marry it to the standout flavours and choices of the most modern of cuisine. We have even added some superb Italian delicacies to our rich Spanish choices.

Every choice on our sublime tapas menu is crafted by Toni, our amazing chef, who has a true passion for creating wonderful taste experiences. Of course, the individual joys you’ll be able to choose from will also include antipasti, great pasta dishes, selections of mouth-watering cheeses – and more. Each is simply the end result of his unwavering commitment to excellence.

This starts, as you would expect, with the careful choice of only the finest of ingredients. We are committed to finding high quality local and homegrown sources, taking the time to hand pick key produce providers from Beecroft itself and nearby. Our choices are also as seasonal as we can make them, meaning only a short trip from farm gate to tasting plate. We also expect all the products we use to be both ethically grown and carefully harvested.

Matching food to wine in a relaxed location

To add so much to your food choices, you’ll be able to select from only the finest of wines, both from the new world and old. You might prefer a crisp South Australian white with your selection of tapas, or a rich Italian red to complement your Italian Sausage Ragout.

You’ll find such a great selection of unforgettable food, and so many truly classic wine choices – always with the added bonus of terrific company. This is what Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar is all about. Now, you’re invited to come and enjoy yourself with our cheerful staff and friendly atmosphere from 4pm until late, Monday to Friday. You’ll find tastes as rich as the welcome, wines as fine as the company, and time that is truly your own. For more information please contact us us with us today.