So, why do you keep visiting the same tapas bar for your favourite tapas dish? Surely you want to try alternative cuisine, other dishes and different restaurants? While many people believe that variety is far better than familiarity, others know that a unique tapas restaurant will reward your taste buds handsomely. Plus you’ll enjoy the atmosphere, with each visit being different to your last.

So what makes a tapas dish different?

Tapas food is a mixture of culinary delights that originate from Spain. Typically served as smaller appetisers and snack-like treats, tapas foods can be combined to make a complete meal. Also served hot or cold, tapas encourages conversation, as it is light and easy to eat, unlike heavier meals, and it is made to share with friends and family.

Do all tapas restaurants serve the same dishes?

No, not all tapas restaurants are the same. Each restaurant uses the same tapas food concept where dishes are smaller and easier to eat, but the selection of dishes on offer will vary from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the chef’s creative flair and enthusiasm. This panache is what makes Sevardi one of the best tapas bars in Sydney.

Sevardi serves prosciutto, a selection of cheese dishes, crostini, ciabatta, olives, beef tartar and salt and pepper squid, alongside meatballs, marinated beef platters and garlic prawns, as well as foie gras, roasted asparagus, and many other gastronomic pleasures.

The homemade sauces and dressing complement the food flavours, as do the spices, both marrying the dishes together to gratify the palate. The freshness of the tapas at Sevardi is simply heavenly. Tomatoes and other fruits are ripe and juicy, and the vegetables have that garden-fresh taste and aroma.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more substantial to eat, then you can select from pork belly, crispy skin Barramundi, ribeye steak and gnocchi. Salads and side dishes are also available, along with desserts. Then you can accompany your tapas food with a vast selection of wine, beer and spirits.

But overall, it’s the warm, friendly and effervescing atmosphere that keeps you coming back to Sevardi. This tapas restaurant allows you to kick back and relax after a hard day, to enjoy the company of your family and friends and to enjoy the goodness of a tapas dish that is a standout! Call Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar to book a table today on (02) 9980 1150.