Sevardi offers an authentic tapas experience in Sydney, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. If you’re thinking of travelling to Spain, one of the absolute things you must do is try authentic tapas. But before you do, follow these handy tips to avoid looking like ‘un turista’.

When and where to order tapas

In Australia, we tend to eat dinner around 7pm, but in Spain it would be almost unnatural to begin eating before 9pm. Sure, you could eat earlier if you wanted to but you’ll find it a lonely experience – you might even get a few stares.

Don’t just seek out the tourist hot spots, like the Barrio Gotico of Madrid. Tapas is something you should do on a whim; a Spaniard would never plan to go to a specific tapas bar. In fact, they may even visit several bars in one night.

Ordering tapas

Most of the time you’ll have to order tapas at the bar, and possibly fight your way to get there, depending on how many people there are. While we’re accustomed to eating at a table, in Spain it is much more expensive to do so, especially if you’re sat outside. As the counter will inevitably, you should be assertive when ordering – don’t just expect the staff to take your order when it’s ‘your turn’.

Paying for tapas

Have a look at the menu and price list beforehand, and if you’re on a budget, try to avoid ordering seafood because it will usually be much more expensive. Staff will likely try to get money out of you by suggesting ‘raciones’: these are the large portions. Try sticking to smaller tapas or ‘media raciones’, and you’ll be able to sample more of what’s on offer.

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to pay for each dish when you order it. You’ll look like a real novice. Wait staff in these bars have incredible memories, so just wait until you’ve finished and ask for ‘la cuenta,’ or the bill.

Now that you know how to order tapas food in Spain, you’ll fit right in with the locals and get a truly authentic tapas experience. Try it out for yourself at Sevardi Wine & Tapas Bar – call 02 9980 1150 to book your table today!