Food is powerful. It can connect us to others, create atmosphere and perhaps even have an aphrodisiac quality. So it makes sense that when you’re planning a date, you choose the perfect restaurant and the ideal cuisine. So why choose tapas food above all others? Here’s a few reasons.

1. It can be casual and posh

One thing you don’t need on a date is for either of you to feel uptight. The casual atmosphere of a tapas bar will take a significant amount of stress and nerves away. And that means you’ll both be free to be yourselves and find out more about each other. But dining on tapas food is not casual in the sense of fish ‘n’ chips. The beauty of tapas is that it can also be posh and stylish, with gourmet ingredients and sumptuous, melt-in-the-mouth moments. Perfect.

2. It’s not messy

Spaghetti bolognese is delicious, but let’s face it, it ain’t sexy. Tapas food offers discrete, bite-size portions that fit perfectly into your mouth. You’ll want your lips to be appealing, not covered in sauce.

3. Tapas food is jam-packed with aphrodisiacs

Olives, seafood, oysters and olive oil – these are all common ingredients in Spanish tapas, and they’re also well-known for enhancing romantic and sexy feelings. Wine is also a well-known aphrodisiac, so add some wine tasting to your date for maximum impact.

4. It’s fun

Dates are an opportunity to have fun. They’re also a chance to show off your carefree side. Tapas food makes a date situation fun. With morsels of delicious food, served up in ways you might not have tried before, tapas food is exciting and a little different to your everyday experience.

5. Options with serving size

There’s no obligation to eat an entire roast meal with tapas food and feel rude for not finishing it off while your date hogs down. Conversely, if you’re feeling hungry, at a tapas restaurant you can order plate after plate until you’re satisfied. It’s like a custom dinner experience for two.

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