Tapas is more than a snack, especially in Sydney where the popularity of Spanish food continues to rise. But tapas is not complete without the ideal accompanying wine or sherry, and when it comes to great tapas, the choices are endless. Here’s a few reasons why should you try tapas Sydney style for yourself:

Let your hair down with tapas

Forget your normal dining experience, tapas in Sydney is all about connecting with the traditions of Spain and indulging in this unique form of socialising and etiquette. It is about laughter, easiness, the passing around of plates and the getting stuck in with your fingers in between sips of wine or sherry.

Are you hungry?

By its very definition, tapas is a small savoury dish that is served with your drink at a bar. Pop in after work for a quick winding-down wine or a small plate or two, or, if you’re really hungry, tuck in for something more. The small servings make it ideal to try something new – perhaps your tapas adventure will be an old favourite and something a little more unfamiliar that might just be the best thing you ever tried!?

It’s about the company

Traditionally, indulging in tapas it’s is all about enjoying the company of a group of friends or co-workers, ordering a few plates you might all enjoy trying and then sharing it around. Trying tapas in Sydney is the perfect way to experience something new and discovering a taste that you may never have tried elsewhere.

The adventure of tapas Sydney style!

It’s OK to admit that the world of Spanish dining is a new experience, so don’t be afraid to ask those behind the bar or the serving staff for recommendations. Give them an idea of your tastes, your willingness to experiment and enjoy the tapas Sydney experience, remembering that there are no wrong choices and every new encounter is a new adventure.

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