First of all, what is tapas? The word “tapa” means “lid” in Spanish, and refers to the Spanish tradition where innkeepers would place a plate over the customer’s drink (usually a glass of wine), to keep out the flies.

Traditional tapas throughout Spain includes small portions of cheeses, olives and various meat and vegetable dishes. There are also more elaborate style tapas created with more gourmet ingredients including foie gras, duck confit, and seafood.

There is no doubt that tapas and wine represent the perfect match for a relaxed moment shared with family and friends. Dishes rich in flavour and prepared with only the freshest of seasonal produce. This is the ideal way to enjoy a shared meal, just as the Spanish did over 200 years ago. Here at Sevardi, we mix our Spanish style flavours with the superb delicacies of Italy to truly bring you a full and diverse culinary experience.

Although tapas is traditionally from the shores of Spain, new modern menus are styling tapas plates to reflect more local flavours. We love to mix traditional ingredients with the more current offerings from the local growers here in Beecroft and surrounding areas.

Your tapas journey

Your journey begins with a selection of dishes lovingly crafted by our incredible chef Toni, whose passion knows no bounds. He takes the time to create truly delicious, fresh plates for all to enjoy. Plates include our popular antipasti, pasta dishes, selections of mouth-watering cheeses and so much more.

Our matching wines have been carefully selected from incredible Australian wine artisans. And of course we could not begin to ignore the labours of love from the many Italian wine makers we have had the privilege to meet. Try a rich red or crisp aromatic white. We will certainly help you choose the right wine to match your chosen shared menu whether it be the Spanish influenced dishes, the Italian delicacies or a mix of both. We have the perfect selection for any choice and look forward to welcoming you. Call Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar today on (02) 9980 1150 to book your table.