Tapas has been around for a long time and has been enjoyed by many people throughout the world. The Spanish have long been great promoters of this style of eating, but it has quickly grown into a worldwide trend due to its relaxing nature. When no one in your group is focused on their own meal, conversation can flow, and a more inclusive style of dining is achieved. Not only is the food an important aspect of tapas, but a glass of wine to accompany your meal is also crucial. This is the way that tapas has been enjoyed for many, many years.

But it isn’t just Spanish style food that can be shared in this way. At Sevardi Tapas and Wine Bar, we have taken the Spanish design of tapas, and infused our own great Italian flavours to bring you a new tapas experience.

By ordering smaller portions over a longer period of time, your dining experience is prolonged. This helps to unwind after a long day of work, or can add an extra few hours onto the end of a catch up with friends. It is this relaxed style of dining that the Spanish have perfected. In this busy age we live in, the ability to take that little bit of extra time can make all of the difference. This is the joy of tapas.

Along with tapas, sharing a glass of wine with people can also stimulate conversation. This is the way that tapas has been enjoyed for generations. By focusing on smaller portions, the flow of conversation is not interrupted as you and your companions pick away at the delicious offerings. Paired with a glass of your favourite wine, or a wine recommended by our expert staff, will mean that tapas at Sevardi Tapas and Wine Bar will be a fantastic experience.

Whether you are looking for after work drinks, a dinner with friends, or a meal with that special someone, Italian tapas can help the flow of conversation while your taste buds are transported to the sun kissed beaches of Italy. Call today on (02) 9980 1150 to make a booking.