The exciting and historic world of tapas is now available at a Thornleigh area restaurant! Because Sydney can’t miss out on one of the most exciting trends in Australian dining. Great tapas venues, like the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar, have been taken to the next level in Sydney and beyond.

Tapas – evolved

Tapas, of course, originated in Spain, where locals would wake from their siestas and fancy small servings of tasty finger food with their sherry. But Australian restaurants such as Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar have taken this tapas tradition and evolved it – Aussie style.

That’s because while Spaniards would have their main meal during the day and then do their tapas bar-hopping into the night, Australia has turned tapas into nothing short of the main event.

Thornleigh area restaurant Sevardi Wine & Tapas

Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar has kept and embraced the social aspect from that Spanish tradition. Delicious tapas, and an amazing selection of the best drinks and wines from around the globe, is made even more delicious thanks to a buzzing, laid-back social atmosphere that will have traditional tapas bar lovers remembering the late night laughs of Seville or Logrono.

Small portions of tapas food is the perfect fit in a Sydney restaurant because Australians love to socialise. Tapas means being laid-back, sharing a tapas or three and definitely sharing a laugh. It fits perfectly with social Australia, and now it can be loved right here on your doorstep.

Experience Spain right here in Sydney!

The exciting flavours and atmosphere of traditional Spanish tapas done in true Aussie style  works so well – because of the true synergy between how Spaniards and Australians love to live.

Just like us, the Spanish are truly social and laid back, and the way we cook is also the perfect match. The Spanish love cooking meats like steak and pork on barbecues too, and fast, fun and share-worthy Spanish cuisine is also nothing short of perfect for the similarly warm Australian weather. Don’t you think it’s time you paid Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar a visit? Call today on (02) 9980 1150 to book a table.