Whether it’s a creamy carbonara paired with a crisp white, or a punchy, dark red enjoyed with a rib-eye steak, wine is typically thought of being best enjoyed next to a hearty meal. Though Turramurra area restaurant Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar definitely agree that food and wine make a good couple, tapas claims a few key advantages over a full-course dinner in the art of wine consumption.

The benefits of tapas dishes

With smaller amounts of food, a dinner affair becomes less focused on the individual consumption of a large meal and becomes more social, as conversation can still flow while you enjoy our delicious selection of tapas. A night out should be about interaction, conversation, stimulation; it should involve food, but not prioritise it.

Which is also why tapas is best enjoyed in groups. Often a dinner with friends can be lively, filled with laughter and chatter – right up until the food is brought out. The conversation falls out of the air as the group prioritises eating enough to get their money’s worth, rather than enjoying the company around them. It’s no one’s fault, in fact we know better than anyone how hard it is to resist good food. Sometimes the best solution is to just make the portions smaller.

And while it’s never been formally confirmed, one story concerning the origin of tapas has its roots in being a meal you could eat while standing. It’s now since evolved into the perfect side dish in a party or group situation where guests would prefer to be social, rather than rooted to their seat.

The atmosphere at our Turramurra area restaurant

It’s a big reason why we are committed to providing you with not only an excellent atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy a glass (or two) from our impressive list of wines, but also an array of delicious, mouth-watering tapas to keep you more than satisfied.

If great food, amazing wine and memorable evenings tick all the boxes for you, then Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar has to be the next location for your next big group night out.

Oh, and the final reason for wine being better paired with tapas? Why, with smaller portions, you get to eat more of them, of course. Call Sevardi today to make your booking on (02) 9980 1150.