Whiskey – the Wall Street wine – is the sophisticated, popular and historic drink that is right back in fashion. It seems that everyone’s an expert when it comes to whiskey, but there may in fact be one question you will need to ask yourself on whiskey night: what to eat with it?

Whiskey night food choices

According to food experts, pairing your food with the ideal drink is how to really get the best out of it. Conversely, getting it wrong could really mess up your night!


When it comes to whiskey and food, it’s all about balance, with the food enhancing the whiskey, and the risk of the opposite being true as well. You might not think seafood is a good accompaniment to whiskey, but a light bodied single malt will go well with a fish dish, such as salmon, calamari or scallops. The importance is that one taste will not overpower the other.


While a light, single malt whiskey will enhance and compliment fish, you can start to consider the heavier and more aromatic whiskeys for your other meats, such as beef and chicken. And a salty whiskey will really enhance cold meats like ham and prosciutto.


While salty whiskeys will enhance and compliment saltier food dishes like cold meats, whiskey night is a little different when it comes to dessert. Very sweet dishes can require a more acidic whiskey, in order to cut through and balance that sweetness, and neutralise the richness of a dessert – there’s nothing like the ‘burn’ of a whiskey for a counter-balance !


A great whiskey will cut through the taste of cheese, such as a strong cheddar. That’s great news, as cheese and whiskey are both very popular at the moment, making it a perfect way to top off your evening at the Wine and Tapas Bar! Call us today (02) 9980 1150 for more information on our next Whisky night.