The finest of wines matched to the friendliest of atmospheres

There is no doubt that the taste of even the finest of wines on your tongue is that tiny touch better when savoured in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, away from the heat or rush of the day just finished. When you add sublime food, as we have, the best of those relaxing evening moments is assured, often continuing gently into the good night. Welcome to Sevardi – a tapas and wine bar that fits well with Beecroft’s country past and stylish present.

Take your own time to savour these tastes

If you enjoy discovering truly memorable wines as much as we do, you’ll appreciate that the careful selection of the stunning choices we have provided here at Sevardi has truly been a labour of love. We have taken the time – although we can’t really call it an effort – to taste only the most highly recommended of wines from the world famous vineyards that are such a noted feature of Australia today.

Of course, we haven’t limited the scope of this search. Our taste buds have also been caressed by a selection of fabulous wines from Italy – another home of the finest choices. Brought together, this superb selection presents the richest of deep reds to the subtlest of crisp whites. We strive to offer an  array of fine wines that marry the old world with the new in a harmony of excellence.

Perfect wine bar ambiance to match our selections

A friendly welcome always awaits here in 12 Hannah Street. Whether you are a local resident, have spent your working day nearby or perhaps simply happen to find yourself here. We aim to make an evening visit to Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar the highlight of any day. Our aim is to provide a relaxed welcome, whether you are here with friends or family, for an evening meal or special celebration, or simply for those relaxed moments that drift gently into a good night.

Take the time to snuggle down in this corner of Beecroft and savour our artisan atmosphere. Spend long moments choosing that special wine, and match it to chef Toni’s superb tapas and Italian food choices. Then, just kick back and enjoy special moments with those best of friends or family.

We will offer wines as fine as the welcome, tastes as warm as the atmosphere, and allow time to pass at the pace you prefer. This is Sevardi Wine Bar – you’re invited to join us from 4pm until late. For more information please contact us today.