So wine bars went ‘out of style’ after their run of enormous popularity in the 70s and 80s – right? Well, mixed with good company, music, conversation and atmosphere, they’re very much back in style.

Wine bars are back

The 90s and noughties may have been more about the trendy bar and the cocktail, but those seeking a quiet drink after work are now unwinding in a different way, uncorking a bottle with friends and drinking something a little more crisp.

Indeed, the culture of ‘grabbing a drink’ is changing fast in this second decade of a new century. Wine bars are thinking outside the box and combining good wines with bar snacks and generating a whole new generation of casual wine lovers, oenophiles and connoisseurs.

Ticking every box in 2016

So what re-kindled this love of the wine bar? Ask those who enjoy the experience and they will tell you wine bars tick every box in 2016: cool and eclectic enough for the hipsters and refined enough for the busy professionals in business attire.

The history of wine bars goes back centuries, with beverages made of fermented grapes and fruits playing an important role throughout the ages. Ceremony, celebration and tradition are synonymous with a love of wine. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest of all the wine bars is in Ferrara, Italy, having been established in 1435 and serving wine-sipping patrons including Copernicus – and Al Brindisi is still there to this day.

Focusing on the wine

So what makes the perfect wine bar? Not surprisingly, it’s all about the wine. Wine bars that care about the culture focus not on profits but on exposing those who walk through the door to the vast and exciting world of wine from every walk of life – from the least expensive to the most curious of palates.

Wine, of course, is the ultimate people-made expression of passion, and good wine bars will ooze this enthusiasm as soon as you wander in the door. When you ask for a recommended wine, the passionate sommelier will talk about the varied tastes, varieties and styles of winemaking – not brands with only the highest of prices. Call us on (02) 9980 1150 to reserve your table today!