It seems that Australian culture is showing no chance of slowing down in its love of a good wine tasting experience. Paired with the glorious choices of food that can go with each specific variety. But, from the deep reds through to the light, delicate whites, your go-to vino may just say something about your actual persona, upbringing and overall nature.

Your wine tasting experience is shaped by your unconscious selection

A recent study by French Wines With Style revealed a number of wine drinkers that make a reoccurring choice do so because of their profession, socio-economic status or even thanks to their individual personality traits coming into play. So, while you’re sat racking your brain on how your little self-defining quirks are having an effect on what you choose to enjoy over a bite of tapas food, or a full-blown meal, we’ve noted down the basics for you to have a quick skim over…

What wine are you most likely to choose?


These drinkers are usually wealthier, are prone to carrying some kind of degree or higher education, married and, on average, drink more than white or rosé drinkers.


Usually home-dwellers, who are likely to travel to the UK or abroad, are content with their current profession, career and current status. These wine lovers are easy-going and usually drink for a bit of entertainment on occasion.


More likely to be a part of the younger crowd, these folk are usually found scrolling through Facebook, off socialising or having a bit of a spin at a networking event. They’re the socialites of the wine tasting experience and are definitely the stress-free crowd.

So which one are you? The corporate mogul who enjoys a daily drop of red at dinner or at a tapas bar? The white wine lover who is content, relaxed and free in nature, or the rosé drinker with the specialisation in social media and networking?

Next time you head out for a bite, try on these generalisations to see if they’re on par with your good company’s picks. You will be spoilt for choice at the Sevardi Wine and Tapas Bar…call us today on (02) 9980 1150 to book your table.